I have created a page with the current map list:
Map List

Please share your opinions in the comments.

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  1. Oryhara desu (shock) says:

    dastower should go, and subseatrack_r5 should come in. Also, we need more trippy maps from smb

  2. quadratic says:

    *Dastower, fair dastower, and eyecancer should go.
    *We need some more maps.
    *I think we need the ability to vkick. (Even though it has the ability to be spammed, we don’t always have a moderator around.)

  3. Oryhara desu (shock) says:

    and people should not be able to play for the rest of that game if they are kicked

  4. Blackmushroom says:

    I’m always for having more maps, the maps that the community does not like simply will not be voted for. We definitely need vote kick and vote mute, but not vote kickban, bans should be left to the moderators.

    All votes should be a simple majority as well, i’m sick of there being 8 afkers in a match not voting, never allowing any votes to pass.

    • Quadratic says:

      Yes, simple majority please. If there are a lot of people and the vote is 4-0, the 4 should obviously win.

    • Shirin says:

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    • Nurul says:

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  5. forseti says:

    Hey, i want to know how to get players ip, there is a troll that i really want to ban.

    He first copied my name, he then copied quad’s name and now he has copied my sister’s name (eztli).

    • admin says:

      Hi Forseti,

      If you let me know the name he was mimicking, or what his original name was, or any of his names, I can ban him.

      • forseti says:

        Ok, he has showed up again so now i have chat history to help you find him.

        I don’t remember his original name (mario does), but he is usually known as jimmy. He always gets 200 ping or more and once he said he has been banned in lots of servers lots of times but he just changes ip and goes back.

        Here is the chat history of the last time i’ve seen him:

        * Hello Hurricane is now known as -prince-rob-(yah)-^
        oh wait, is -prince-rob-(yah)-^ the troll?
        f1 — kick misogynist sexist person
        * -prince-rob-(yah)-^ is now known as johnny
        * johnny is now known as -princess-rosalina-(smb)-
        * -princess-rosalina-(smb)- calls a vote for “kick #11 (-princess-rosalina-(smb)-): ”
        please f1 on the troll using my name


        Sorry about posting this here, you can delete it if you want :razz:

  6. Blackmushroom says:

    Ip’s are blocked on eatseakittens, only admins can see them.

  7. pdrew says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    I have completed:

    1) Vote Kick (you can already vote to mute a player)
    2) Dastower, fair dastower, and eyecancer should go. (removed these maps)
    3) sv_vote_simple_majority 1
    This simple majority setting has been in place for a long time. I am confused… people are seeing different behavior? It should be if there are more YES than NO votes, than it should pass.

  8. pdrew says:

    Ok, I have hard set: sv_vote_majority_factor 0.5

    That means simple majority, .5 is the default, but I am declaring here just in case its being missed.

    These Nexuiz cvars are basically undocumented. So if you guys can post the exact cvar needed to make your requested change that will help me a bunch.


  9. Blackmushroom says:

    If it is possible to do without costing you extra money pdrew, a mutator server and/or a minsta DM server would be awesome. By mutator I mean you could vote for playstyle, (DM or CTF) and vote maxplayers, so 1v1′s, CTF or DM, would go uninterrupted, and if any clan matches were to occur they could also go uninterrupted. All minsta of course. (g_maxplayers 6 for a 3v3 ctf, 2 for a 1v1.

    • forseti says:

      Also why don’t you create a tab in this page called “tournaments” or something like that?

      Dirty has been talking about a 4vs4 tournament but there is no info around about it. Of course it would be good if we can vote for g_maxplayers so that while battling we are not disturbed.

      I would like to see a 2vs2 or a 3vs3 tourney if you ask me :razz:

  10. CockChugginJesus says:

    HEY GUYS!!!!! found your sight and now im going to spam the hell out of it lol jk. anyways i just wanna say thanks for doin such a great job with the server. its damn fun playin with you all

  11. pdrew says:

    We could probably swing up another server, but I’m little concerned with it affecting the performance of the main server. I’d prefer to start a little donation fund with enough money to buy a second server all together. If you guys are interested all you gotta do is donate. Or we could upgrade the current server with some extra cash.

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