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Nexuiz compatibility for Xonotic – v2

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6:35 am
June 29, 2012


Mushroom Kingdom


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Similar setup to the previous version, but much smaller & without the Mario icons (sorry about that):



If you're running Xonotic Git, you'll need to create a *file* in the xonotic/data folder named xonotic-nexcompat.pk3dir.yes & run ./all update



I finally created a new package, with less useless files and fixed LOD!…..ack_v3.pk3



Download the above file to Xonotic/data & run Xonotic (no need to create or edit autoexec.cfg, it is automatically executed at runtime now).



Before connecting to a Nexuiz server (all Nexuiz servers will appear as bookmarks in the server list), type this in your console (SHIFT+ESC):

cl_game nexuiz

To switch back to Xonotic servers, type this in the console:

cl_game xonotic


Common issues:

If you connected to the server without changing cl_game, you will need to reconnect to join the match.

If you are having issues with crosshairs on Nexuiz servers, try a smaller crosshair (note: to change Nexuiz crosshair colors, use the crosshair_color_red/green/blue cvars). You may need to mess around a bit with the settings in the Multiplayer/Player Setup menu to get it working properly.

Some Xonotic maps are incompatible with the older Nexuiz versions (for example dance). There is no way to fix this automatically, but if you really want to play older versions of the maps, you will need to find & download them from a map host and copy them to the Xonotic/data folder.



To fix a few problems with the older compatibility pack, I've created a new pack for Xonotic 0.5 – 0.6:…..ack_v2.pk3


To use this pack, put it in Xonotic/data & add this to your autoexec.cfg (if you don't have one, create it in Xonotic/data):


exec autonexec.cfg


To switch to Nexuiz mode, type this in your console:


cl_game nexuiz


To apply this, you'll need to reconnect to the server.

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